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Summer Sailing Camp Spain

Sailing and water activities


International Summer Camp with sailing and water activities. Madrid.

During the moths of June, July and August we implement our exclusive program of a wide rage of aquatic activities in English complemented by 4 hour of Spanish lessons a day at Bruguillo’s lake situated only 90 km from Madrid. The combination of acquiring knowledge in a great range of fun aquatic activities plus the bonus of learning the Spanish language in an idyllic environment is been proven to be a great success among our young pupils as well a promoting teamwork and fellowship.

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Burguillo´s Lake

Valle de Iruelas´Natural Reserve
90 Km from Madrid

In an exceptional natural setting, in the very heart of Valle de Iruelas’ Natural Reserve, and only 90Km from Madrid, we find a village called Las Cruceras. To this setting we must add Gredo’s mountain range and Burguillo’s reservoir.


Las Cruceras can accommodate 60 people and there are several spaces set for activities, dining, a kitchen, and a nautical area, where most of the activities take place.

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June, July and August

Ages: 7 – 15 (recommended)

Sailing levels: initiation, intermediate and advanced

We open our doors at the beginning of June and remain open until mid August. Accommodation from one week to four weeks.


We want to create an environment where all campers know each other – boys and girls between 7 to 15 yeas old (recommended) and with a capacity of 60 children. At our camp, we focus on attending and taking care of the kids, at the same time that our activities flow with a sense of participation from everyone.

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Camp in English

- Camp’s language

- Native speaking teachers

- 4 hours of daily Spanish classes,  workshops, nature trails

- Sailing theory book in Spanish

Campamento actividades acuáticas, campamento vela, campamento ingles naturaleza, actvidades en la naturaleza campamento, campamento eves club vela
Aquatic activities.

- Sailing classes

- Paddle surf

- Canoes

- Nautical gymkhana

- End of camp regatta and handling of diplomas

Every day we impart 4 hours of Spanish classes in small groups, with native speaking teachers.


During the aquatic activities will we speak in English to make sure there is a better learning and higher safety.

The nautical activities encourage teamwork and fellowship, values we want to foster in our children.

Through the sailing, canoeing and paddle surfing, the campers will have an opportunity to practice sports that during the year they are not performing.


The nautical gymkhana is a great experience to develop teamwork and their imagination.


At the end of the summer camp, we will organize sailing regattas in teams and will hand out prizes and diplomas.

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