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Summer camp: sailing and water activities. Burguillo’s Lake. Nautical base and Club Vela Eves House.

Valle de Iruelas comprises the best conditions for our Summer Camp. The water is a trait that differences our summer camp and is the basic element to all our activities, which ensures fun and learning.


Being at the foot of Gredos’ mountain chain, surrounded by Valle de Iruelas’ waterfalls and lush vegetation, makes the summer more refreshing.


For more information on the Valle de Iruelas and our facilities visit

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Club Vela Eves’ nautical base. Burguillo’s lake.

Only 90 km from Madrid, at Burguillo’s lake, Club de Vela Eves, counts on its own facilities since 2013 allowing the development of sailing courses and summer camps.


The Club’s nautical base is right in front of the residence with direct access to the water. We count on vessels for all ages and sailing levels.


  • Laser Pico, Radial and Vago

  • RS Tera and Feva

  • Optimist

  • Boats for collective teaching and safety vessels


Burguillo’s lake is probably the best lake in the Madrid surroundings in which to sail. Its wind conditions and size (double the size of San Juan’s lake) make it a perfect fit to go sailing.

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The Residence. Club Vela Eves Madrid.

The Club de Vela Eves’ residence is directly managed by the Club’s personnel and it is situated on the lake’s water front, part of Valle de Iruelas Natural Reserve.


In the lower level of the house, there is a great multifunctional room and cinema, classes and workshops, a dining room and a kitchen fulfilling all sanitary requirements where there is daily cooking. Garden and courtyard for games and activities.


All rooms are situated on the upper level of the house and each has its own bathroom. Each room can accommodate 4 to 6 children and has amazing views over the lake.


We consider that dining should be one of the camps traits. We have a balanced diet, with three meals a day and a snack – fundamental to replenish energy.


We have special diets for children with intolerances or allergies.


Medical service: 4km away at El Tiemblo.

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Las Cruceras village.

Only 90 km away from Madrid, Las Cruceras is an old residential settlement with its own church, school, oven… and it is the entrance to the Valle de Iruelas’ Natural Reserve. Over the last years, the valley has been protected and been classified as a Special Bird Reserve since 1991 and as a Natural Reserve since 1997. In the 90s, the settlement was rehabilitated and opened its doors to the public as a tourism center. It is the perfect location as it counts with all the required and necessary facilities for the development of our activities, in a tranquil surrounding filled with nature.


Activities at the Valle de Iruelas Natural Reserve.


  • Centre for Nature’s Interpretation: we will visit the center situated next to our facilities. It counts with a circuit for each season of the year, a room dedicated to the black vulture, a memories corner, Valleys garden and a room for projections.

  • Treks around the natural reserve.

  • Bird watching around the natural reserve.

  • Horseback riding and waterski (optional activities).

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