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Activity program for the sailing camp.

Instructors and safety.

Our objective is to create a productive and fun summer camp for children. Improve their levels of Espanish and carry out an initiation sailing program (improvement or advanced) in which the children will learn to handle the sailing boats and even have own autonomy in handling the boat themselves.


We have a group of Spanish instructors and another group of sailing instructors registered with the sailing association making the Club de Vela Eves, a productive, entertaining and safe camp.


Our counselor to camper ratio is one of the highest, as we count on 1 instrucor per 6 campers.

Daily schedule. Sailing and Spanish course directed by Berlitz language school.

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Daily schedule. Sailing and Spanish course directed by Berlitz language school.

Daily schedule at camp:

9.00 Wake-up

9.20 Breakfast

10.00 Spanish workshop/class

12.00 Sailing class, theory

12.45 Sailing class, practical

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Break/Film in original version

15.30 Spanish workshop/class

17.30 Sailing class, practical

19.45 Boats back in land

20.00 Break and showers

20.45 Dinner

21.30 Evening activities

23.00 Bed time


Other activities:

Water: canoes, aquatic gymkhana, paddle surf, regatta at the end of camp…

Land: trekking around the Natural Reserve, visit to the Centro de Interpretación de la Naturaleza, games, and craft workshops.

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Safety. At all times.

Safety in the water: at our sailing camp, safety is key. Instructor supervision is permanent, and the prevention at the begging and duration of activities is crucial.


In water activities, it is mandatory for children to wear safety jackets and there is always a rescue team ready on boats.


Nautical rescue training is a requirement in all sailing instructors.


Medical assistance, boat insurance, and civil responsibility and sanitary registrations: we count on companies such as Allianz Seguros and Mapfre; insurance policies that will allow us to develop the camp under the right conditions, as well, our facilities are registered with Castilla y León’s Sanity and Tourism.



Instructors. Sailing and Spanish.

Instructor/Camper Ratio: 1/6


Spanish Instucotrs: a group of instrucotrs whose first language is Spanish are in charge of running all activities except the water activities.

English instrucotors will live with the campers 24/7.


In smaller groups, and organized by age, they will take 4 hours a day of Spanish language lessons. Nature workshops, crafts, games…


Water instrucotrs: for the water-based activities we count on a group of instrucotrs from the spanish sailing federation and the RYA, with a vast experience in working with children and teenagers.


They will be in charge of imparting the theoretical and practical lessons, as well as in charge of the safety of the campers whilst in the water.



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